Apple vs. the FBI

My friend and Mac guru Gil posted a really good blog on the issue of the Apple vs. the FBI controversy. It starts out: “BURIED DEEP within the (Touch ID &) Passcode settings on our iPhones is a toggle switch that reads simply: “Erase Data.” Below this switch, a small block of help text adds the following explanation: “Erase all data on this iPhone after 10 failed passcode attempts.”… Read the whole post Here for his usual enlightening take on the specifics  of what Apple and the FBI want to happen.

Here’s what I posted as a comment:

I have to say that I’m torn between the “small picture/big picture” attributes of the story. Small picture, take the phone into a room at Apple with an FBI agent present, unlock the phone without telling the agent how you’re doing it, get the bad guys. One phone, that’s it.

Big picture, the FBI agent in my neighborhood decides I look suspicious, tells his boss, they want to look at my phone, I say no, they can’t figure out that my password is 1234, they say to Apple “you did it once, so do it again- lives are at stake!” Apple complies because of the precedent and finds pictures of my stupid cat and great kids and nothing else.

Mark Cuban’s right, you can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube. Same deal with banning people from entering the country because of their religion or race. Once you do one, you can do them all.


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